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Psalm 145, The G MAJOR.

 Psalm 145, The G MAJOR.

 Psalm 145 introduces the beginning of the  "Hallelujah Psalms" which end the book of Psalms [from psalm 146 -150.

It is an acrostic song written in G-Major, where each verse begins with a letter of the hebrew alphabet

You see here in this composition "the four "G'S"

The first stanza declares "God's Greatness"

The second  stanza declares "God's Glory"

The third stanza declares "God is Good"

 And the fourth stanza declares "God's Grace"

This Psalm also mentions  "God's Kingdom" -"God's Providence" -  "God's Mercy" - "God's Righteousness" with these four stanzes.

When you find yourself in the darkness of a Cave - remember the four "G's"

Often in the deepest caves of despair we can remind ourselves of God's Character and use these memory letters to imprint a new path in our minds.

This is a great place to implant this Psalm with David as king saying "God the King" Psalm 145:1  I will extol You, my God, O King.

But it actually reads "my God , The King" [Or as God is my King - I am king]

Kingship here is "A major" part of this Psalm and when you find yourself in a dark place "recite this psalm" and create a path for God.

David is king and leading his people here - but David declares that God is King.

In this Psalm King David praises God "what a great place to put it" after the previous Psalms of Davids exile and loss.

This Psalm was written by king David and now relate this with the babylonian exile and other exiles.

It is almost a medicine or remedy - for the person stuck in the cave.

What a great application  to your life - to create a new pathway in your thought life - apply it today .... Romans 12:2

God can be the G MAJOR and the divides of this Psalm can be the memory implants - to remind you of God's Character .

Gee - what a great Psalm, plant it today and create a new way for God to move -  see :  Luke 3:4 and Isaiah 40:3

Although you may not be able to use this Psalm using the hebrew letters as a way to implant /imprint this Psalm on your mind - you can still use the four Major Characteristics of God to draw you out of the cave you are in .

Go to Psalm 145:14 now and read "The LORD upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down." and understand that   God is The God - who raises  up.

Although your vision may be lost - God restores it...although all may seem to have come to and end - it is God who renews and restores.

Now the fig tree will not fruit [as David sits in darkness] now David finds himself "cut off".

Yet while in the cave - God gives the words that we cannot speak...

Here is the rising and the resurrection back to the throne.

Though Praise resurrected those in prison - as in  Acts 16:25-26 25About midnight, Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. 26Suddenly a strong earthquake shook the foundations of the prison. At once all the doors flew open, and everyone?s chains came loose.

Although it  was God - that had already raised David -  Davids praise created God's response.

Now we begin the last years [3am] and the last Psalms.

God is G- Major here and God is a Major part of Davids life here - He is the "G" in Davids life.

Yes he will lead my feet like hinds feet  like the mountain goat. see :  Habakkuk 3:19

Now this was totally unrehearsed and I had no idea that this scripture was in the video !

Believe me - wow - thankyou Lord. woo .

Thankyou Lord that you lead us like deer in high places - and may the goat sing for joy.

Wow Lord lead me from this dark place and set my feet upon the Rock, hwlp me to reach levels that I had never dreamed of and put into situatons that I had never planted.

Let me see the budding of the frit I never planted and let David be raised up to levels he would never have believed . let the humble shepherd find Your purpose for His life .

May the exiled David be restored and find Your Plans, Your purposes, Your reason and Your meaning. as in  : Jeremiah 29:11 wow thankyou Lord that You wikl take me out of this darkness as Your child and bring me into a Light Day.

Thankyou for Your pre-empting and confirmation in a lost vision - that will soon be restored.

Thankyou for Your Now Word - Today .

May I  end with Psalm 18:32-33 The God who girds me with strength And makes my way blameless - He makes my feet like hinds' feet, And sets me upon my high places. He trains my hands for battle, So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze

Gee, what an amazing God....

In Jesus Name Amen

A 2 B  with God,  not a minor thing but a major person in a life, A 2 B With U - Not a flat and not a catastrophe.

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