Thursday, January 18, 2018

Psalm 146, The hidden face of God.

Psalm 146, The hidden face of God.

 The second of the "Hallelujah Psalms" which end the book of Psalms .

At this point I want to go back a few psalms and I want you to visualise King David hiding in caves of despair [along with his remaining armies and family  "who had not been a part of the rebellion and revolt"

It is quite clear that many of Davids armies and friends had left him , including members of his family  and trusted advisors, the only people left were those left of his army and family members who had remained loyal.

Now King David continues to hide not just from Kings [Kings such as Saul] but from Princes - King Davids sons were Princes and heirs to the throne.

In this dark place literally hiding in caves - "King David cries out - "PRAISE GOD" - which begins this Psalm and ends it.

King David knowing his limitatons shouts "I will praise God as long as I live"  wow.

In Psalm 146:3 "King David does not put his trust in his family or friends, as he see's their  destiny and future- [having seen  Absalom's Defeat and the the finality of those  opposed to him" [such as Doeg] 1 Samuel 22:9

King David is speaking from his heart and life and his experience and puts God above all this and the situaton he is in.

Noe Jacob appears in this Psalm [this is the Jacob who wrestled with God} and Jacob saw the face of God "yet lived" Genesis 32:30  .

Wow now King David is restored back to his Kingship and here we continue the final Psalms that are named "the
the "Hallelujah Psalms .

Not that King David Praised God once he was reinstated as King - but that he Praised God while in a cave and in exile and darkness.

This is the hardest thing to do - to Praise God while in a dark place - when all is against us, those working against us can be from family [princes] advisors [Doeg]  Armies [Protectors]

Even so - this is why David is known as a man after God's own heart....

So we begin the ending of the Psalms - with King David Praising God.

Here King David steps up and steps out ...

David having a personal relationship with his heavenly Father - could easily have abandoned God at this point - But He chose to Praise God and see a far greater hand at work.

This is the hidden face of God ... [as we cannot see what God is doing - at this moment in time]

People do this every day as they leave their old lives and begin a new life in Jesus - as they leave behind their families/friends/ parents/ as in 1 Kings 19:20 and Philippians 3:13 not forgetting Luke 9:60 and Matthew 8:22  .

It is a very hard thing to do - to lay down the past and to move on with God as He enables us, when all seems to be against us - we can rise up.

This event is being re enacted everyday in peoples lives - as they let go of the past - re : families/parents/daughters/sons/

The "Hallelujah Psalms" continue "TODAY" as we move on with God and put anything and everything aside - that does not give glorify God.

Amen to our latest members -  who just happened to appear at this time - to confirm this word

PRAISE GOD ... as He is a God of today and not just yesterday...

He continues to do the same yesterday /today and  in our/the/  future ....

Let people continue to continue to rise from the darkness of a  cave and rise up and step up to their purpose and meaning in life and let those remaining - who watch them also rise up alongside .

This is the living word of God - Amen

Let us confirm today that this is the day of their turning and encourage them to continue.

Lord God in Jesus name - let me be the one in the cave with King David and not the ones who departed from him.

Let me be "the person who kept watch in the early hours to bring an alert all in that cave" [at the fourth watch or at 3am]

Let me be the one member of the family who was faithful.

Let me  be the army who stayed with David to protect him.

Let me be the person who although was not known by him  remained faithful to him - so that I might be raised up with him and Kingship [at this time in history] and let me see that, this event relates to me now - as I leave behind my old life and begin a new life .

That may mean - leaving behind my family/friends/parents/ and all I know now - to begin my new life which is not easy.

Let me leave this cave of darkness and see a new light ... '[now is the day of King David]

In Jesus Name Amen

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