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Psalm 147. Who can stand before his cold,

Psalm 147. Who can stand before his cold,

As Israel was exiled - so  King David was exiled and as God gathered together the remnants of Israel in Psalm 147:2 The Lord builds up Jerusalem - so He gathers together the outcasts of Israel.

So God regathered King David's life [as He did Job] and as He does now ./today/.

It is likened to the stars in the second heaven ... as God count the stars [as He does the sparrows or the sand on the shore] In Psalm 147 He counts the number of the stars - He calls them all by name.

It is as if God knew all the stars before they were named by mankind - or even discovered [ in the sae way you are known of by God being a remnant / forgotten one/ the least/ like a grain of sand "not even considered" or like the stars that no one at that time knew the names of /

As if we are the chosen ones made the cornerstone that was thrown away Psalm 118:22 The stone the builders rejected.

Here God prunes down and rebuilds - now with King David he is humbled and lets go to let God .

He finds a whole new group of friends and a new life .

King David is now likened to one like "a grain of sand" or "a star in the sky"   King David is now like the grass on the mountains" [like a new star in the universe]

As God the King scatters the frost like ashes - who can stand before His cold ?

God's word now melts them and humbles them /them / being the remants /what is left/

[Word not scripture but "action" God's acton upon a life or lives... to create a remaining growth. His word Psalm 147:18 is not a past word - but an active word - that causes actual events in peoples lives -  now [or past present and future] an active word.

Word here is not just scriptural [already written] but an active word that creates and destroys. [the destruction being thos who have already destroyed themselves]  why would you cut off a dead branch or deadend a plant and why would you pull up a dead plant ... so that those remaining might flourish and continue growing...

It is like the chaff being blown away be the wind - where only few remain...

King David now leaves behind members of his family and armies and now Praises God Above all.

And so in the dark /coldness/ of the cave - King David continues  to seek God .... [in his exile/coldness/cave/]

In the same way as the branch has no intention of producing fruit or leaves or the dead plant and the grass has no intention of growing or giving Glory to God [so why should God - create a miracle to make it grow without it's consent or intention ?

This is why at the moment of the cave experience - God gives His coldness .

God will not force any one to come to Him and at this moment in time and in theis Psalm we see this coldness - it is the coldness of God to see who will stand.

It seems as though God is far away - but in fact He is near - to see who you and what you worship.

Okay I am not using visons here - but the now word - [although God may decide to change this in a second]

I see a wall and a community depending on one another - I  see a person stuck in a cave and the cave is a psychological battle..

There you go "what did I say  :D

We all have our internal battles and the battles for the mind and the battles for our lives..

At times these battles can seem  greater than the external influences at the present time ..

But they can be fixed and implamted in our past.. now today as we come up against problems and trials - we can respond "using our past experience"

That is great if your past experience is good - but what if you have traumatic experiences that control your future  ?

Now I want to go back to the cave again and the place you are in now - this cave may be the past controlling your future or the cave may be external forces at work - but linked to your actions, whatever the reason for your "cave" now you can be  in your own prison.

I expand now on the sunday sermon this week at my Church[that just happemed to be about prisons of the mind]

And I want you to put yourself in the place of King David now, close your eyes and imagine that you were a King  and now you are hiding in caves of despair [why are you in the cave ?] is it due to yout actions maybe ! maybe you have adulterated as David did]

Mabe it is external forces that have taken you to act the way you have and to lead you into hiding ...

Or maybe it is your memory and the  psychological battles that are going on inside you.

Why do things keep repeating over and over and why can I not rise from these cave ?

Forgiveness was never about forgetting - but about  living with your forgiveness when the memories keep coming back.

You simply learn from the events that took place and you move on.

But future "now events" can trigger your past memories/hurts/traumas/

You now have flashbacks and your memories remind you that maybe you do not have forgiveness for all that happened to you [whether you remember it or not]

Do not feel guilty that you cannot remember and forgive all that happened [as we can hide things from our memories in order to cope]

I want you now to read and speak out Psalm 147  and recite it and memorise it [meditate on it]

Here David is praising God in the cave of despair and I wonder if David now is forgiving all those who had sinned against him.

Family/army/protectors/those closest to his heart/ those who were loyal but have now forsaken him...

In the cave - we now reach out, to someone who was forsaken/forgotten/unloved/rejected/ called Jesus.

It was never easy when we were "in another life" to forgive those who had sinned against us.

Why should you forgive when those who had ruined your life - had not known God and you had never known Him either.[now you seek to do this - but you ask for the memories - that bring you hurt [but you also want to  forget about it and move on] though these memories will always be there

It is almost like you have travelled over a great chasm - and from a cave to Light and day, only to reminded daily of your past [not by God]

In this cave we now begin to rise up [the next step]

I want you to lsiten to this song  which has been resounding through my head all day and this is like David in the cave awaiting renewal and a new day/step/

Lets stepout of the cave we are in - In God's timing.

You live in the cave of the past  and experience [as most people live with goggles and with limited view] you are influenced by your present situaton [but what if your past affects you future ]

Although you will never really remember all the hurt or all the past [you may not want to] therefore you may not have full forgiveness [remember Jesus forgave in your place] as Jesus had and has this authority , as He takes your place.

This is not about a nice feeling or feeling and you may well still harbour hurt or anger [but remember that Jesus knows your past and knows why you respond in the way you do]

You may well want to step out of the cave - but you cannot [unlike those brought up in perfect families]

Wait and let God raise you up.

Listen - if you cannot remember - God will forgive for you. as you only chose to forget because - your memory and heart chooses to forget - although you may spend the rest of your life remembering  -  God forgets.

The wall is a resounding picture here.

Psalm 147:20  Israel was a unique and parculiar people, they were like no one else on the earth.

Ohh Ive just had a chance to look into this Psalm and just realised that it relates to Nehemiah dedicating the wall - that makes sense now with the vision of the wall  and the video.

It also appears to be a present tense in many verses of this Psalm - as Nehemiah 12:27-43 is past tense - so obviously we can also transport this in our present time.

It begins to make sense now as the wall is also a present term as in 1 Peter 2:5

The prisons of the mind - what is that about ?

Well it seems this Psalm was written about the time of the dedication of the walls of Jerusalem [Nehemiah]- just after the exile [prison] in babylon [where we can become locked in our time and experience, believing that this time will never come to an end]

1. I am reminded of the hebrew peoples slavery here in Egypt and their deliverance  and how this Psalm relates to Jacob - where this nation/person/Israel/ had a jealous God and where His ways only applied to them and no one else [a bit like a loving parent laying down rules for their children and only applying to their family]

Of course the hebrew people may have escaped slavery - but some  were still living in Egypt and longed to go back [prison of the mind]

2. So after meditating on this Psalm God thaws the hearts of His children and they are released and begin to rebuild and to dedicate the rebuilding to God [as King David did in his own "prison/cave" as he made God King of his life.

3. It seems unfair that God should deal with us in a different way - to the world - as it would have seemed unfair - that God dealt with King David and kings like him  - in a different way to many kings mentioned in scripture [as it seems they were allowed to do what they wanted]

Thius psalm seems to come from many places at once

Now these are the days of Nehemiah or the "day of" where we are dedicating the rebuilding to God and making Hm King - as we have just escaped from the babylon/cave of David.

You see now why  this Psalm mentions the "gathering of the outcasts of Israel" those likened to the stars in the sky.

As God's hand thaws out the cold hearts - that entered babylon and restores His people [as His judgements are upon His people and only He restores ....  now go back to King David hiding in caves [or you] and see how he is restored from his prison/exile.

We end by shouting out aloud "He has not dealt thus with any nation;
And as for His judgments, they have not known them.

Praise the Lord!"

 And remember 1 Peter 4:12

You see now why this Psalm mentions the things of babylon and the things of Jerusalem - of the waters and the beasts, the strengthened gates  and how God has cscattered the cold/frost like ashes - [they become nothing]

As the waters of babylon flowed - so God's Grace flows like rivers from His Throne. Now God is restored to the throne - as King David makes God King.


I see someone who has trouble breathing - you feel hemmed in from every side, you are gasping for breath.

You are in your own prison today and now.


Lord God thankyou that I am on ly in this place because I am your child, I wait now for your release and I dedicate my life to you today.

Thankyou that you can release me in Your timing - and restore me today.

Break down those walls so that I might break free from my prison and rebuild the wals with me - where all depend on each .

Now in the days of Nehemiah - restore my temple.

I make You Lord of my life - in Jesus name Amen

Thankyou for revealing this Psalm to me Lord - even though I had not had a chance to read it properly - I thankyou that You can reveal things now - before I even have a chance to understand with my intellect or mind - because You are before me.

I see now why you had to take King David to a place where he was broken through Your Grace and how he was restored [like the walls]

ThankYou for this voyage of discovery... and that You iluminate my path - before I see where I am going

Goodness knows where that video came from - I've never even heard that song before.

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