Thursday, January 18, 2018

Psalm 149, The Saints of Salvation

 Psalm 149, The Saints of Salvation

 Psalm 149 is a new song -  sung from the heart, it proclaims  a new song - of what God has done NOW.

This new song is not an old song of a jewish nation, chosen but trying to rebuild a wall [long forgotten]

This new song is now - today - where God works in peoples lives and where God creates a new song/motivaton/desire/ in a heart.

This new song is a song about Jesus and what He has done/ now /today/ [written about in the Psalms] an ongoing testimony proclaiming "Make way for the King of Kings" make His path straight/level/make a way for Him today.

Whether you see yourself as born again -  yet seeing salvaton of God through your life"

Or being "a person who is yet to know God/Jesus/ the Holy Spirit working in your life"... but later to acknowledge that it was God/Jesus who saved you.

You testify today and sing a new song of Praise [it may not be because you know or knew Him - but because He knew or knows you.

Your new song - exists because of what He has done . you are like a composer/songwriter/poet/singer/ and you are walking a new path and singing a new song - you are like David at this point, exiled by his own family, yet being retored back to Kingship [saved as a Saint]

You are like "Israel" exiled to babylon, now called to rebild the walls of Jersusalem [singing and dancing - yet hlding your  sword at your side - as in Nehemiah 4:17  .

You may be like the Aostle John exiled to patmos [a prisoner "bound in chains" yet singing a song of revelation.

You may be as Paul [bound and chained] Acts 21:11

You may be as many "that were" you also may be living through a "new composition" that is yet to bring forth Praise.

God is now composing this new song - which will become your testimony in 2017.

As God continues to be alive and working in your life.

This new song or testimony is not about something that happened many years ago - but this new song in your heart today is about a new thing that God has done [this day/week/month/ year]

It is not about a forgotten song that you sang many years ago - but an ongoing composition/song/praise/proverb/ testimony/  about what is doing now /today/.

This new song comes from a heart that is born of God/right before Him/ being restored/saved/again and again/

Sing a new testimony/song/  today...

You may have gone through many seasons of troubles/ [as John did]

Yu may have chosen to walk the path of chains [as Paul did]

You may have paid a price [as King David did]

You may have been through a long tunnel [as in the years of the hebrew exile]

You may not have made the Lords paths straight - but this will be your future testimony /song/proverb/composition/heart response/ because of what Jesus has done.

Your reponse /salvation/testimony/proverb/song/  is due to God's working and your response to it - or your willingness to be bound to give glory to God.

Okay - if you are as Israel and you are wandering through a desert experience.....

You will have a part of you that is left to give Glory to God and this will be the remnant that will be saved. [a part of you that continues and will be very precious in God's eyes [as a diamond is only formed under much pressure].

The dance here is a dance before God/Jesus/ like a dance of King David while  drawing/bringing/anouncing a new home for  the ark .

It is is like the dance that Israel danced as they were released from the bondage of pharoah - or like the new dance while building the new wall.

It is like the refreshing oil running down Aarons beard Psalm 133:2

No song is better - than the heavenly song of deliverance upon a person or persons.

It is a dance of Joy ...

of course - you may well be building the wall now - as the Kingdom is advancing - so you are a building block.

You may be as Adam and Eve - exiled from God - yet restored by Him.

Now you may sing a new song - and begin to rebuild in Praise. [give a new testimony of what God has done]

Never be a reluctant disciple and sing an old song - but let God continue to work and  continue to sing a new song - as this is a two way relationship and though John [the Apostle may have  suffered [as did many] they each chose their new song.

While holding their sword at their side..

I ask  "what is before a new song ?"

Though there is no temptation that is not common to mankind, you may be tested by God - as in Genesis chapter 22 - however, Paul knew of another  war - in : 2 Corinthians 1:8

And so Paul continues 9Indeed, we felt we had received the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.  - [total dependence on God]

Whatever and wherever these things come from Jesus has overcome and your way of escape is through Jesus.

Do not be fooled into believing that you are above such things. [as Adam and Eve were]

It was never about your  ability... [as the spiritual is far greater than the physical world]

When I was Lost -  

I am not going to present a gospel - that you want to hear [as I am not a pied piper] I am reminded of Matthew 11:17.

Here you are following a song of Christ and not likened to a type of  pharisee.

Your song is much deeper than lip movement and basic functions.

So lets continue....

What Praise ! to be exiled and released and be dedicated to rebuilding [an action]

Whether your life is now about rebuilding or restoring [along with God your Paraclete]

Or being a  Nehemiah, dedicating the work of the hands "to God" [now consider that by aligning it alongside - the story of Cain and Abel] - I want you to dig deep on this one.

You may be a person who is likened Adam and Eve,  or you be a Nehemiah or an Israel being released from babylon.

You may be a "Christian" someone who has "Christ -in" being released  into the promised land or - a Paul choosing to follow the path that Christ has prepared  -  you may be a "John" exiled to Patmos and caused to labour as a slave in the mines - both gaining through their journey, revelations - that have helped millions.

Whatever type you are at this point, dedicate your experience/work/life/  to God and let him do it. it's a "let go and let God moment" in your life. see : Deuteronomy 20:5


Lets begin the dedication prayer and write a new song.

"I Praise You Lord and I rejoice, I  dance by making worhip in my heart [by dancing in my heart]

I will carry the two edged sword by my side - while I continue to do the work that You have prepared for me

I dedicate this to You - because You are the One who began this work in me and will complete  this work.

In the work/day/  of Jesus, Amen.

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