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These Psalm studies began on the 13th November 2013 ....

They began with a study entitled "GODS WILL FOR YOUR LIFE."

Psalms 147 -150  being sung as one Psalm..

And so we end these 150 bible studies with Psalm 150 -  I suppose it seemed good to finsih where I began "with the same title"

As it has to be  the will of everything that has breath to Praise the Lord...

And so we come to and end of a long journey and the beginning of a new one.

lets finish.......... lets begin....and begin with the queston "what begins a new song ?"

I was asked to begin these studies a long time ago.

At ths time God did amazing things and God led many people to Himself.

I felt that I must end these studies and end what I had begun.

So I decided to coninue with  these studies and finish what I had begun = so lets finish....

A man was trying to teach his horse to obey and to stop and start on command. The man was a very religious man, so he came up with a couple of religious statements to use in training his horse. He trained the horse to go on the command words, Praise the Lord! He trained the horse to stop on the command word, Hallelujah!

One day he was riding the horse and it took off. He lost control of the horse and he forgot his words. The horse had been trained to only respond to the key words. Up ahead was a cliff, and the horse was headed there full speed. The man tried thinking of every religious word he'd ever heard of. Amen! Jesus saves! Worthy! Holy! Nothing worked.

Just as the horse approached the precipice, the man shouted out, Hallelujah! The horse stopped right there on the edge. The man wiped his head and said, Whew, Praise the Lord!

I keep getting  Isaiah 33:15

[b]I see a man dancing and I am reminded of David dancing before the Ark and so I will take this as direction.

I also see a god with his face like fire [I have no idea what this means but maybe it will be revealed later

I see the word Grace and how Jesus took our place[/b]

I am going to use these  visions /pictures for the building blocks of this study and so lets begin the final study .


It is quite clear that there were many exiles throughout mankind's history - from Adam and Eve to
Israel's exile to babylon,  from John on the isle of Patmos, to King David being exiled by his loyal servants and family, and so it goes on.

It is also clear that people are jubilant and thankful upon being released and so now we begin to rebuild the walls as we work together to restore the fallen walls.

As Nehemiah and all the families [begin to restore the fallen walls and after dedicate them to God]

This Psalm [and the previous being one] begin by encouraging the levites [or the people who had rebuilt the wall or anyone and extends to everyone /past/present or future, to praise the Lord [maybe after an exile]

I want now to remember the days, when the Ark was exiled/taken captive/ by the philistines and taken to another land [color=blue]1 Samuel 5:1[/color] - it can be said that at this time and day [Israel should have been exiled - [color=blue]but the Ark took their place.[/color]

It just happens that Ichabod was born at this time [as a sign] - meaning "where is the Glory ?" or "the Glory has been taken from Israel"  [color=blue]1 Samuel 4:22[/color]

Now we see that dagon, one of the gods of the philistines was satnding before the God of Israel [bieng exiled  exiled in Ashdod ] [here the dagon god fell over and over before the Ark of God] the philistines now sent the Ark to  Gath and onto Ekron [it seems nobody wanted the Glory of God as it sent disaster upon the people] it seems the Ark of God was a curse to the philistines and their god's- as it seemed to mean death to them. [It seems the Ark was moved three times and had no place to rest]

This call is for everything that has breath to praise the Lord - BUT , not all want the Lord and many take Him into exile.

They exile Him now in their lives and He becomes a curse  to them - they seem to be at the edge of the cliff and cannot remmeber the words.

[url=][color=blue][size=12pt]LET EVERYTHING THAT HAS BREATH PRAISE THE LORD -VIDEO[/size][/color][/url]

And so God took the place of Israel - and as later returned [returned to the hearts] at this time/day.

Here David dances before the Lord as he returns the Ark of Glory to Israel [color=blue]2 Samuel 6:14[/color]

So why did God leave Israel ?, because they had already exiled Him from their hearts, they had adulterated with other gods .

Now the Ark of God lies in enemy hands and all gods will bow to God Almighty [we all know the story of dagon falling before the Ark]

So we know that dagon fell before the God Almighty and the philstines broke out in tumors.

Although I  know how to end this study, I really struggled/wrestled/  with the next step - but now I know how to continue.

So we are going to parallel dagon  [the fish god with a red face and the philistimes with ] the egyptian gods. [as the egyptians keep the hebrew people in captivity]

And so we are going to go the the egyptian gods and the hebrew people [ as they are held in captivity and their release - as they stand on the edge of a new song/precipice.

So lets go to a time when the hebrew people were on the edge of a precipice and the only reason they were allowed to leave was because of God's intervention and the plagues brought about by the god's the egyptians worshipped.

So lets begin this next step with Exodus 3:7 The LORD said, "I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering.

And lets take it from here

What is God's Will for your life ? you might see it as being under egyptian bondage [as you are under the Government's  rule] whatever Government you are now under-  it may not be God's rule/Will but His Permissive Will -  allowing things to happen to shape and mould - but obviously you may be in a situation when you are in a war torn country -  where just staying alive may seem to be God's Will for you.

So lets go back in time to the hebrew captivity and it seems God's Will for the hebrew people was to work in slavery under oppression and beatings [But God heard some hearts and chose to release this nation.

During this time God/Jesus/ chose to use Moses [purposed and chosen as a baby "being a sign as one who was born with a name being "to draw out"

As Moses was drawn out - so he was now empowered/anointed/given the ability to draw this nation out of their bondage [although Moses did not feel he was able  see : Exodus 4:10

So Moses  found the Will of God for his life,

They hebrew people who followed Moses had no idea what the future might hold - and were released by God.

When trying to find the Will of God for your life - you may often hear "Pray in His Will" - so how do you find His Will ?

Well it seems God's Will found Moses...

All were growing and finding a new road and a new direction.

A few points to consider when reading the above post [being edited]

1. Rather than Moses finding God's Will for His life I have suggested that "God's Will found Moses"

2. We ask was it was God's Will for the hebrew people to be in bondage/slavery/captivity/.

3. We ask "Did God hear all the hearts of His Hebrew people and if so then why did many hearts still long for Egypt" as in Numbers 11:5 - Exodus 16:3 .

Now lets focus on the god's that were used in the nine plagues of egypt to Pharoah to let go. [I say "nine plagues because the final passover was Jesus]

Much like the dagon god of the phlistines, we see the god's of the people working against them [once God appears]

Through the ten plagues we witness Apis, heqet, set, Uatchit, Hathor, Sekhmet, Sunu, Isis, nut, Osiris was their god much like the dagon fertility god of the philstines, and set [God was revealing these god's in singular and in groups as the plagues went on and although these gods were dead and manmade "it was about the spirits/demons/  hiding behind the god's that were worshipped,

Amazingly during the ninth plague the egyptians were in darkness - under the god of "re" however duing this tike the hebrew people saw light.

With the tenth act of God - Jesus passed over, the tenth plague is only a plague to those who have no blood over the lintels and doorsteps of their lives Exodus 12:7 .

It is the unveiling of the god behind the gods, being given permission to unvade and destroy by the people who worship them.

And so going back to the beginning of this study, the god of dagon fell before the Almighty God and the philistine families broke out in tumors. [I'm using this parallel to to demonstrate - how the "god" can come up against us.

Now lets go back to David dancing before the Ark of God... as the hebrew people had crossed over the "sea of reeds" [as Moses was put in a sea/water/  of reeds and crossed/passed  over Exodus 2:3] and Moses was drawn out [as his name implies] "Moses being born at this time as a sign"

So now David dances before God as indeed the people after crossing over "Praised God and danced " in Exodus 15:20  .

So we come to the end of the 150 Psalm studies and come to the edge of the waters, precipice in our lives.

We come to a cross - roads and it is up to us to make a choice.

I am going to end this final study as it began with the words "PRAISE THE LORD"

If you are willing to make this final leap then shout with me now and see just how great God is....

I end this journey and this final study now and join in with me as we shout together "PRAISE THE LORD"

No one knows what the future will hold - but God does and as you stand on the edge of the next step

Know that God has yuor future in His Hands....

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